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317 E Main St Battle Ground, WA

Vendor Applications

Are you a teacher or maker? Looking for the perfect small retail or teaching space right on Main St in Battle Ground? We’re currently accepting applications for:

  • Retail Vintage or Maker’s Space
  • Workshop opportunities
  • Party room and /or gathering room rental
  • Small Professional Office Space rental

Handmade or vintage businesses:

This space is extremely limited, and the options include vertical, table-top merchandising, and some wall or shelving space. Please detail the items you craft and how much space will be needed.

Workshop opportunities

Please tell us as much as you can; what are you passionate about teaching? Classes will be limited to 6-10 people at one time, and we are actively seeking instructors for take-home plant/flower arrangement classes. A fun pottery class, a candle making class, anything creative that can provide a great experience for a small group of friends, relatives, or coworkers. Keep in mind, online or zoom participants are possible, too! Please also leave any suggestions for classes or ideas like tea parties, or baby showers your small group would like to participate in or have help with.

Party/Gathering Room Rental

If you’d like to rent The Workshop Room for hosting a small party or gathering please describe your needs. It has a limited ability and can accommodate up to 10 people.

Small Professional Office Space

Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly slots are available. Please describe your business and how you would use the room. (Ie. I am an out-of-town attorney and need a zoom room with a professional background and/or quiet workspace a few days a month when I am in town”, or “I am a seamstress that needs a place to spread out for a week at a time and home is not possible”.)